My name is Sally Buckland and I am yet another travel blogger. I write about my travel experience. Yes, I love traveling! Who doesn’t?

I have been on so many of these types of trips, whether it was taking a cruise ship, camping in an RV park, taking a skiing trip, or traveling around the world. I have been to so many places, including some of the lesser knowns as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, or Oman. I have also traveled around the United States numerous times and have written articles about my experiences in each state.

So, when you ask the question, “Are you a travel blogger?”, then the answer is yes. I have traveled the world, and I write about my travels.

I get to share what it was like, what I learned, and what I still learn about each place I have been. Traveling is truly an amazing adventure, and a passion. People from all over the world have journeyed with me, some for months, some for years. I look forward to traveling more in the future, and I will present new destinations and areas to my readers!