In every country, there are different levels of governments based on the area which they represent who can deal with problems according to their scope of work or power. The local government of a city or town or village is considered to be smallest unit of governance and handles the local issues so that the city or town remains a liveable and safe place for people in the area. In many countries like the United Kingdom, the local government body is called the Community Council since it represents the local community and works for its welfare.

The elections for Community Council

The town or city is usually divided into different areas geographically and people living in each area can elect a representative who is called the counciller. The elections for each area are held periodically and the registered voters for that area, can vote for the candidate of their choice to elect a representative.
The representatives of each area together form the community council for the town or city and are called the councillers. The councillers will also elect their head based on their political or other affiliation, who is called the mayor.
The community council is looking after the various requirements of the local community. It is making rules for the businesses which are functioning in the area like regulation of the shops, offices and other commercial establishments. The local businesses have to apply and get a license from the community council if they are running a commercial establishment and pay the specified fee. They also regulate the display of billboards and sign boards outside offices or other areas.

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