Health Care Reflection

As a leader, I am committed to excellence in practice and partner in care through the establishment of cultures of high-quality health care for having inspiring visions that will operate at every level of health care systems. I will ensure that the patient and family care is of high quality. I will also ensure that the objectives are clearly aligned and followed strictly in the provision of primary, secondary and tertiary intervention as well as community-based and population-based care. This paper reflects my commitment to excellence as a leader in practice and partner in care.

I will provide my support as a leader to educate and train all our employees so that they can act on performance improvement of patient and family care. In my medical field, I will identify and standardize the best care practices across the organization. I have also aimed at partnering with highly and trained physicians who will provide excellent health care to our patients. Having a feedback platform from our patients and partners is also part of my strategy.

The primary intervention aims at preventing the occurrence of a disease or an injury while secondary intervention aims at reducing the impact of a disease which has occurred and tertiary intervention aims at softening the consequences of an ongoing injury or disease that has lasting effects (Tulchinsky, & Varavikova, 2014). I will set up a team that will combine the primary, secondary and tertiary interventions to achieve meaningful degrees of disease prevention and protection.

Community and population-based care can be well achieved by establishing community and health care programs (Tulchinsky, & Varavikova, 2014). Through the establishment of these programs, my team will assist in offering education, health care services, training and technical assistance to health care facilities. I shall seek the necessary support from the federal governments or other governing authorities to ensure all the populations and communities access quality health care.